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March 2022

We analysed the lighting and renewable energy market to develop our products. During our examination of competitor products, we identified a gap in the market.
With our sleeves rolled up, we set to work on our Eyes of Solar project. We determined our requirements and initiated negotiations to establish our team.

May 2022

The Solar Vision project, initially developed by our team at Istanbul Airport (IGA), gained entry into the IGA HUB intrapreneurship program established in June.
Subsequently, we continued to work on the project as an in-house venture. Our team further expanded with experienced professionals, all of whom have earned a reputation through their prior projects.

July 2022

İGA HUB and İTÜ Çekirdek collaboration took place at Istanbul Airport. As intrapreneurs, we submitted fifteen projects from İGA for this program. Our projects were evaluated by the evaluation committee of Istanbul Technical University. As a result of the evaluation, our application was positive and we were accepted to the İTÜ Çekirdek BigBang Future Changers program.

November 2022

We completed the final evaluations of the first seventy-one projects during the productive start-up period. As a result, our project was the only one among the IGA in-house initiatives to make it to the Finals. We are proud to have been the only in-house finalist in the first year of our company as an Istanbul Airport internal venture.

December 2022

We had a unique experience within the scope of the BIG BANG Startup Challenge program run by Istanbul Technical University. We presented our Eyes of Solar project to investors for the first time in the program, in which investors and technology lovers showed great participation. Our project completed the program as the eighth among five hundred and eight projects throughout the program. In the final stage, where we took place in the top ten, a cash prize was given by IGA and EnerjiSa.

January – February 2023

With the new term, we continued to make arrangements for the Eyes of Solar project. We strengthened our team and made improvements to communication systems. Thanks to our perspective on technology, we had contacts with many potential investors and we continued to launch our product at different meetings.

March 2023

We met Fonbulucu, a crowdfunding platform, in order to create financial resources for our project. We started the crowdfunding campaign for our project with their interest and mentorship. Our fund campaign, which started on March 28, 2023, was completed in 43 seconds, breaking a record in crowdfunding times. Due to the intense interest shown in our project by the investors, our campaign has started the early closing process. We reached 1981 investors in our ten-hour investment tour. At the end of the day, the demand for our project reached 21,069,053 Turkish Liras.

April 2023

After the successful Funding round, the company establishment process started and the necessary official steps were taken. EHBA Teknoloji Anonim Şirketi was established for our project, which was also supported by the IGA management. The procurement of the components to be produced for Eyes of Solar has been completed. An agreement has been reached with accredited production centers to ensure that the production is at European standards.