Eyes of Solar

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Access technology much more easily with its hardware and features
Take your energy and security to the next level with improved artificial intelligence, Minimize your business expenses with Eyes of Solar
Product Structure

  • Advanced Technology Solar Panel
  • LED Road Lighting Fixture
  • High Definition Camera
  • Wireless Communication Unit
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Efficient Lighting
High Efficiency Panel
High Resolution Camera
Wireless Connection
Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Battery

How Does Work?

You Do Not Need Electrical and Data Infrastructure

Eyes of Solar generates its necessary power using its proprietary solar energy panel. The device conducts constant monitoring via its high-resolution body camera, detecting any deviation from normal patterns of life and promptly alerting its operator.

Eyes of Solar employs an advanced communication technology to transmit data wirelessly to the system centre, utilizing a mesh network structure for data transmission. In times of need, this communication service is made accessible to the public.

Product Bundles

We offer technology solutions for your projects and needs. Discover different product packages designed for you

EoS Bronze:

This is the foundational model that has been devised. The package encompasses an LED lighting system with high efficacy, a New Generation Flexible Solar Panel, and a battery composed of lithium-ion.

EoS Silver:

The I-Link communication protocol, when integrated, offers support for automation systems, in addition to the Bronze model. With this setup, it provides coverage up to a diameter of 10km. range of 1-10 Km.

EoS Premium:

In addition to the Bronze and Silver models, this product provides wireless communication assistance in the appropriate area during natural disasters. Furthermore, alongside the I-link protocol, the MESH communication system is also available to users with this model.

EoS Enterprise:

This is the most advanced model we have designed. The product incorporates an artificial intelligence control card and a camera system. The camera system has been designed to integrate smoothly with pre-existing CCTV systems. Thanks to our product, we can seamlessly integrate. Your previous security system investments will increase in value.