Eyes of Solar

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Access technology much more easily with its hardware and features
Take your energy and security to the next level with improved artificial intelligence, Minimize your business expenses with Eyes of Solar
Product Structure

  • Advanced Technology Solar Panel
  • LED Road Lighting Fixture
  • High Definition Camera
  • Wireless Communication Unit
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Next Generation Panel
Efficient Lighting
Hi-Res Camera
Wireless Connection
Artificial Intelligence
Advanced Battery

How Does Work?

You Do Not Need Electrical and Data Infrastructure

Eyes of Solar produces the power it needs with its developed solar energy panel. It constantly monitors with the high-resolution camera on its body, detects movements that are contrary to the normal flow of life, and informs the operators.

Eyes of Solar transmits data to the system center via wireless communication tools. Eyes of Solar works with an advanced communication technology. It transmits the data it collects through a mesh network structure. This structure is opened to public use as a communication service in times of need.

Product Bundles

We offer technology solutions for your projects and needs. Discover different product packages designed for you

EoS Bronze:

This is the base model we developed. The package includes a high-efficiency LED lighting system, a New Generation Flexible Solar Panel and a lithium-ion battery.

EoS Silver:

In addition to the Bronze model, automation system support is provided with the integrated I-Link communication protocol. You will have coverage in the diameter range of 1-10 Km.

EoS Premium:

In addition to the Bronze and Silver models, it offers wireless communication support in the relevant region in case of natural disasters. In this model, in addition to the I-link protocol, the MESH communication system is also offered to users.

EoS Enterprise:

It is the top model we have developed. The product also includes an artificial intelligence control card and camera system. The camera system has been prepared to integrate with existing CCTV systems. We can integrate seamlessly. Your previous security system investments will gain value thanks to our product.