We are developing technologies ahead of our time.
Step into the future with us

We provide efficient and unique solutions using advanced technology. We are a creative team that can make your dreams come true.

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Our Focus And Point Of View

Design Beyond the Age.

Advanced Solar panels

Efficient Battery Pack

Wireless Data Transfer

Architecture of the Future.

Live Data Streaming

Artificial Intelligence

Online Mapping systems

Solution Oriented.

Live Map Support

“Uninterrupted” Wi-Fi Service in Natural Disasters

We care about World Resources

We Effectively Solve Your Needs

Unleash the power of transformative technology with EHBA Teknoloji! Enter a world where innovation meets sustainability and shape your future.

In a time where science and technology combine to make life simpler, EHBA Teknoloji shines as a guiding light in reshaping the tech industry for a sustainable world. Our dedication is demonstrated by our innovative "Solar Panels," proving our steadfast resolution to lead the fight for environmental responsibility.

Experience exceptional service with our cutting-edge technology that is designed to meet your needs perfectly, exactly when they matter most. At EHBA Teknoloji, we surpass our competitors, especially in the field of wireless communication technologies, which guarantees that you will stay ahead in this ever-evolving digital world.

Join us at the forefront of innovation

About Us
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Our Supporters

AI Systems

Machine Learning, Object Identification, Object Tracking, ...

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AI Defense Systems

Surveillance Systems, Crowd Control Systems, Communication with UAV, RF Communication ...

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Renewable Energy Systems

Advanced Solar Panels, Flexible Panels, Efficient energy solutions, Facade Coating ...

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Electronic Communication

Disaster Communication Solutions, Satellite Communication Solutions, IoT Products, 

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Occupational Health and Safety

Zone Control, Staff Equipment Control, High Voltage Lines Control, ...

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Construction Technologies

Static Project Planning, Reinforced Concrete Technology, AI Lighting Automation, ...

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