About Company

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Our Mission

In the sectors in which we operate; To meet our customers, employees, and shareholders at the highest level of expectations, by being respectful to the individual and society, adhering to the law, economic and moral principles, and sensitive to health, safety, and the environment.

Our Vision

We are aware that the source of life is the “Sun”. We aim to protect our world by carrying the power of this endless source into the night. We aim to protect World Resources by carrying out every project needed beyond the age.

EHBA Teknoloji was established at the end of the IGA Hub and ITU Çekirdek entrepreneurship program held in 2022. It ranked 8th out of 508 projects in the ITU Seed entrepreneurship competition held in December 2022.

EHBA Teknoloji is the internal venture and first finalist of Istanbul Airport Management (IGA), which was included in the entrepreneurship program for the first time in 2022.

About us

Our staff includes competent personnel in their profession. EHBA Teknoloji creates solutions for deep technology projects. In addition, our company can provide engineering services in both infrastructure and superstructure projects. We can provide consultancy services for your challenging and complex projects. We continue to do all our work with the same excitement and ambition as the first day we were founded. In this way, the satisfaction of our customers makes us happy. We are able to work together by bringing together different engineering teams in line with customer demands.