I-Drive Series

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Product Structure

MPPT (Maximum power point tracking) is a technique that utilizes the energy generated from our developed Flexible Solar Panel to charge batteries with optimal efficiency. With our I-Drive Series, our goal is to achieve maximum efficiency by continuously monitoring energy production on solar panel cells through specialized algorithms. Additionally, we developed our I-Drive models for end users who want to get more efficiency from their Classic Systems.
With I-Drive series, you can get more efficiency even if your solar panels are under the shade.
Don’t forget! With us you are always ahead of technology

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High Efficiency
IP65 – IP67
5 Year Warranty
Plug and play

Technical information

Let us explain to you with a graph why we don’t need sunlight.

The sample operating graph can be observed on the side. It presents the Current-Voltage (IV) curve of the Solar Panel in orange, and the Power (Watt) curve in blue. Only 10.5 to 15 V energy can be transferred to the batteries by a standard regulator. Our I-Drive Technology, however, allows us to attain the highest power points in the graph. As a result, the batteries can receive the maximum power obtained from the solar panels. In the example given, the previous technology had a power output of 80W, whereas our product can produce 108W.

When there is full or large shading on the solar panels, one or more of the series is completely shaded. In this case, the protection (bypass) diodes between the series come into play and bypass and disable these series. In this case, the voltage produced by the panel decreases.

We have created an example of this situation in the Chart for you. Detecting ghosting and processing different MPPT points accordingly is not an easy task. Classic MPPT regulators cannot do this. In this case, you need regulators with more advanced algorithms and processing power. However, the I-Drive MPPT regulators we have developed do justice to this complex graph and produce the most efficient harvest.

Thanks to our developed technologies, we ably manage your investment and energy proficiently with “Daylight”.

The I-Drive MMPT Module we have developed is Universal.

Areas of Use

  • In Your Old Solar Energy System
  • In Industrial Areas
  • In Parks, Gardens and Vineyards
  • In areas where the sun rays are low
  • in your caravan
  • In your home and workplace