Flexible Solar Panel

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Product Structure

  • Flexible Front Coating
  • Encapsulated Material (POE)
  • PERC Solar Cell
  • Encapsulated Material (POE)
  • Flexible White/Transparent Back Coating
  • Dimensions: Width: 35 Cm Length: 55 Cm
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12 – 35 W/h
%15.5 Efficient Module
30 years Power Warranty
10 Year Warranty

How Does Work?

It is a highly efficient and state-of-the-art renewable energy source produced with advanced engineering. It is a reinterpreted version of the solar panels used today.

Areas of Use

  • New Generation Solar Panel Farms
  • When High Power is Required in Narrow Spaces
  • In-Vehicle Bodies
  • Yacht and boat hulls
  • On Sloping Roofs
  • In New Generation Architectural Designs
  • Glass Facade in Exterior Covering of Buildings
Special Dimension Cell Technology
Anti Potential Induced Degradation
Flexible Panel Technology
High Power Output
4 Busbar Cell Technology

Technical Specifications

PMax (W)Voc (V)Isc (A)Vmpp (V)Impp (A)Rs (Ω)Rsh (Ω)Cell EffFF


PMax (W)Voc (V)Isc (A)


Vmpp (V)Impp (A)Rs (Ω)


Rsh (Ω)Cell EffFF


PMax (W)Voc (V)Isc (A)Vmpp (V)Impp (A)


Rs (Ω)Rsh (Ω)Cell EffFF