Flexible Solar Panel

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Product Structure

  • Flexible Front Coating
  • Encapsulated Material (POE)
  • PERC Solar Cell
  • Encapsulated Material (POE)
  • Flexible White/Transparent Back Coating
  • Dimensions: Width: 35 Cm Length: 55 Cm
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30 – 105 W/h
%22 Efficient Module
30 years Power Warranty
10 Year Warranty

How Does Work?

It is a highly efficient and state-of-the-art renewable energy source produced with advanced engineering. It is a reinterpreted version of the solar panels used today.

Areas of Use

  • New Generation Solar Panel Farms
  • When High Power is Required in Narrow Spaces
  • In-Vehicle Bodies
  • Yacht and boat hulls
  • On Sloping Roofs
  • In New Generation Architectural Designs
  • Glass Facade in Exterior Covering of Buildings
Special Dimension Cell Technology
Anti Potential Induced Degradation
Flexible Panel Technology
High Power Output
4 Busbar Cell Technology

Technical Specifications

PMax (W) Voc (V) Isc (A) Vmpp (V) Impp (A) Rs (Ω) Rsh (Ω) Cell Eff FF
105 24 4,25 17 6 0,85 120 22% 71%


PMax (W)Voc (V)Isc (A)


Vmpp (V)Impp (A)Rs (Ω)


Rsh (Ω)Cell EffFF


PMax (W)Voc (V)Isc (A)Vmpp (V)Impp (A)


Rs (Ω)Rsh (Ω)Cell EffFF