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What is a cookie?
Cookies consist of simple text files placed on your browser by the websites you visit; It does not contain identity or other private information. Although cookies do not contain such personal information, session information and similar data can be stored anonymously and used to recognize you again and for similar services.

Cookie Types
Cookies According to Their Duration: Session cookies are deleted when the browser or device is closed; If it is not deleted, it is a permanent cookie.

Session Cookies
Persistent Cookies
Cookies According to Purposes of Use: The most general distinctions of cookies are as follows. A much more detailed version of these cookies and their definitions are given in the table below.
Mandatory Cookies

Functional Cookies
Performance-Analytical Cookies
Advertising/Marketing Cookies
Cookies According to Parties: This is the distinction made according to the persons who can access cookies. The first party refers to the site owner; Third party refers to anyone who accesses the cookie other than the site owner.
First Party Cookies
Third Party Cookies